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2008-05-11 20:12:13 by CyborgStalker

Told you. In your face, Matt. I win


Music, $500, Friends, Videos, and My Youtube Account!

2008-04-17 00:06:30 by CyborgStalker

Acoustic Short with a 3.59 and Rock Today lands a 4.52. Great! Look out for more in the upcoming months. Also commenting DISABLED because of DICKFACES WITH NO LIVES.

My friend won $500 dollars in a contes. Hurray for him! Check out his stuff at

Sorry this couldn't be longer. I tried. But Newgrounds fucked up wouldent let me have and unclosed or un oppeded <a> things, which I didn't. Bye! ITS FUCKING 12:17! AM God dammit Newgrounds!

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2008-03-25 20:34:18 by CyborgStalker

I didn't know it, but I read the comments on some of my announcements (check out page 3) and found out that I was the user of the day on NEW YEARS DAY 2008! Thank you all! I love Newgrounds! A great way to start off the new year without even knowing it. Another thing I forgot to announce (must be my forgetfully week): My b-day was on March 4! Happy B-Day to me! User of the day only started in mid 2003, so I am one of the 5 people to be user of the day on new years! YES!

Comments have been limited to approved only due to assholes.


Forgot to make a shoutout!

2008-03-24 09:14:41 by CyborgStalker

Forgot to shout to you guys that I uploaded the intro to a new "Here we Stand" song, though at this point I'm not sure if it will get finished. I know, I'm not finishing a lot of my stuff, but thats because it all sucks (mostly), but I am thinking about guaranteeing my new unnamed hit.

No more flash until I stop sucking, so gotta wait awhile. Flash also died on me, so it could be awhile. Don't give up hope!

Jump over to Unforgotten Realms and donate some cash to help out some of the best animators in the world!

Save tank_sm.gif Petition!

2008-01-12 16:15:03 by CyborgStalker

AIM me at godoftennis, email me or shoot me a pm to join the petition!

P.S. Comments disabled for this post because I don't want anyone try to join here. Membership will be totally private!

As you guys have probably noticed, I have a new banner. However, NG didn't have it display right, and I can't delete it. I am working of some incredibly awesome banners. I had to give up flash because it was infected with a virus, but the good news is that it left me with some great work in progress audio (wink wink) and some custom sprite sheets that I might post here, but who knows?

Questions? Comments? Don't post them here, because I never read them, but you can shoot me a PM or you can now send me feedback at my email.

Good news!

2007-12-11 17:50:03 by CyborgStalker

My first flash has been delayed. I threw away Flash accidentally...But I finally have a title! But the title spoils it for you, so it's a SECRET!
New audio on the way!


Almost done!

2007-10-08 07:32:26 by CyborgStalker

Almost done with my first flash project and a new audio portal entry! Took me long enough! I also might have an entry for the new NG T-shirt contest, but who knows? ;-)